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Network Access Systems [NAS] is proud to announce successful completion of its SCO Unix Open Server and Unixware laboratory testing. This test suite demonstrates NAS product compliance with the SCO Unix operating system. This success also exemplifies our product's value and it's flexibility in the eyes of our higher-end networking VARs. As distributed networks continue to steal "business" from mainframes, a greater reliance will be placed on PC-managed WANs. Thus, the "Works with SCO Open Server 5" and Unixware 7 logos will become increasingly valuable in the future and will ensure greater reseller profits as time moves on. Earning recognition from Sun is also a major goal for NAS, a member of the Sun "Catalyst Developer Program." We are currently in the midst of testing for operation with the Solaris 2.6 operating system. Preliminary testing shows no problems at this point. The majority of our customers are selling into Windows environments. Thus the rights to display the "Designed for" Windows NT and Windows 95 logos are a top concern here. These tests are also projected for completion within the next two weeks. The last certification to be won is from Novell. The pretest has been initiated and a complete system utilizing the BX chipset is now being prepared for shipment to Novell itself. Our expectation is to be listed on the hardware compatibility list on the Novell website within three weeks. Please call us at our 800 number with any questions you may have. Thank you for your continued support.